Brown Bag Burger

Where Burger Lovers Unite

More than a fantastic burger: it’s a vibe.

Adventurous Burger Lovers Unite

You love burgers, we love burgers, what more is there to say? We may be different, but one thing brings us together: a mouth-watering burger. Our team is dedicated to creating fun flavors in a burgers-first atmosphere! Come to Brown Bag Burger for your burger lover community. You’ve found your fam’.

Convenience Without Sacrifice

You deserve to eat fantastic food without putting your name on a waiting list. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for a convenient meal! We source the highest quality ingredients, from our fresh produce, locally sourced beef, house-made vegan patties, to preservative-free buns! Dine in or take out at the touch of a button. Come for the burgers, stay for the free parking. That’s right, Flagstaff, FREE.

Good Vibes Only

Is it a vibe, or is it the wonderful people that eat and work at Brown Bag Burger? We pride ourselves in top-notch service, and we do it because we honestly enjoy making burgers! We want people to feel welcomed and relaxed. Students and families alike will find Brown Bag Burger to be a good vibe!

Featured Burger

The Hangover Burger

The Hangover is a crowd favorite in Flagstaff and the winner of Best Entree for the Taste of Flagstaff. It comes with house-made chipotle mayo, pickles, hashbrown style fries, perfectly fried egg, and topped with pepper jack cheese. Pair it with some sweet potato fries and you can’t go wrong.


About Us

Our Story

With a focus on serving high-quality food while sharing our passion for delicious burgers with our customers, we strive to be the go-to place where burger lovers unite.